I have seen this scenario repeat itself time and time again.  A gentleman spends hours researching the perfect boat.  Visiting websites.  Comparing specs.  Attending boat shows.  Comparing notes with buddies.  Finally a decision is reached.  Now to convince the wife (significant other).  After many hours of discussion the gentleman wins her over.  Off the two go to purchase the idea boat.  The boat that is going to allow you to spend beautiful weekends on the water fishing, exploring, dragging the kids in tubes, or just quiet times on the water watching the sun set.  And then it happens.

It might be inability to read the weather and staying out too long with the advent of an approaching storm.  This means a very rough white-knuckle ride home.  Maybe someone is injured in a turn taken at a higher than normal speed.  Possibly there was a collision with the dock that resulted in cosmetic damage to the boat or dock.  Worse than that, someone was injured while trying to dock.  All of these result in your spouse/significant other becoming very uncomfortable on the boat or not comfortable with your decisions or operating skills while at the helm.  The end is usually the same.

First it is activities on the boat being limited to fair weather and short distances.  Next it is diversions away from boating activities as much as possible.  Then it is the suggestion that since the boat is not being used that much, considerations toward selling it should be entertained.  I have seen this played out over and over.   Once the spouse/significant other no longer feels safe on the boat for whatever reason, the boat goes up for sale.  How do you avoid this?

Captain’s Joe’s On Board Academy offers on the water instruction geared to your needs.  From docking (the last 30 feet is the most dangerous part of the trip) to Rules of the Road to crew training, it can be done on your boat at your dock with your crew.  Involve all so all are comfortable with the boat and boat handling.  Captain Joe can even assist with trip planning to make that first overnight fun and secure.  Anchoring, weather forecasting, meal planning, trip planning, even First Aid courses are available to make your boating experience one that grows your horizons not starts an argument.  Check out On Board Academy to see what you can learn. 

With the right training your boat quickly and safely takes you to the next horizon.  The day trips become overnights.  The overnights become weekends.  The weekends become journeys.  With the proper on-the-water guidance you, your family, and your guests will look forward to the next trip.  You’ve got the helm.